Thinking Of Buying A Used Vehicle?

May 18, 2012 by Jay Poel

To all of our customers – if you are planning on buying a used vehicle please give us a call before agreeing to buy it. ┬áMost people and car lots will not mind you taking a vehicle to your mechanic for an inspection.

We will gladly give the vehicle a look over, at no charge, to help you decide if the vehicle is worth purchasing. This is not a safety inspection but a visual inspection and road test to see if there are any issues such as a major accident repair.

Just give us a call and we will arrange an appointment so you can wait while we have a look.



  1. Rick Young says:

    What are the rates for this service?

    • Jay Poel says:

      We do not charge for this service. It is not a safety but a general check of a vehicle to give an honest opinion of whether we feel the vehicle is worth purchasing and to get a rough idea of the condition it is in. We will take it for a short road test and then put it up on the hoist for a visual inspection. We do this so our customers do not get stuck with a vehicle that the seller wasn’t honest about.

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